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Rachel and I spent together as lovers in a series of months and had about how to spice up our relationship to speak. We talked to swing in groups of accession, meet boys of pubs, etc as I expected was for her and Rachel hesitant, but he said that could happen, and go. Last month we had the night with me ( and her husband at home and probably was not fun to see his wife fucking with two other boys ) had dinner to your company and, as we have always had our special drinks before us the way to bed and find a hot love, before being at home before 01 had 00 clock as were heading to my room rang the door. I asked Rachel to go ahead and I met here shortly. had a stripper I knew to join us and prepared for the night, I knew that Rachel really enjoy what I had planned. The two rose and asked Rachel, who at the door and I opened the doorThis is what they could, Fred. He covered his chest with his shirt, but I told him not to worry, since Fred seemygf was our night. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, and had the biggest smile I had seen in a long time. Fred went and kissed his hand and introduced himself and tells Rachel, who was with me, he had it for the night and all you want to do. all went, and soon all over each other in bed. Rachel started playing with Fred and brought his 9 inch cock to fulfill her mouth. With a mouth full of cock and Fred 's hands all over my body, I let my tongue my speeches for his lips and began to lick her hot pussy and tease her clit with a small bite. Rachel was really Fred the night near his hot sperm hit her mouth, but turned away and said 'not so fast as the night has just begun ', run Fred to my place, and her to take a peak and pussy licking clean their juices before wOuld let the shit. This is good news for Fred as he turned quickly only had a 69 with Rachel is at the top of seemygf his face. To my surprise, Rachel then told me I was on my back and let Fred fuck my mouth. I once had a cock in my mouth and that was when I was in college. Fred had seemygf no objection when her mouth full of wet seemygf pussy and Rachel wanted to suck his cock. had no plans to suck and let him shoot his load in my mouth. I wanted to enjoy this 9-inch male to save Rachel and I wanted to second or third. Rachel was in heaven, as his body shook and threw seemygf loads of hot cum in her mouth ready to Fred. I was seemygf still sucking Fred, if I could feel the tip of his penis to expand, so it was time to move on and let it cool before they both took care of Rachel and her juices flowing from her pussy wet knew. Fred had his penis once took me into her mouth to bring him back to second and third with Rachel and asked if I Wanted to suck me too. I thought it was a good way to get my cock back to full size much faster than ever. as the night was over Rachel asked Fred if he would join us at least once a month and wanted to video the next meeting. I had no objections and no Fred, so that we can for the fourth seemygf week of July is seemygf set. fireworks safely in the fourth His place.
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